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Safety Accessories for Bicycles and Cyclists - Obligations and Recommendations

There are no official statistics on the number of bicycle accidents.

Yet,1 in 3 cyclists say they have already had a cycling accident(fall, collision or collision).

On the other hand, another statistic sends shivers down your spine...
Every year, more than 250 people die following a bicycle accident!

As this famous road safety ad reminds us, motorists on the roads are as fragile as eggs. Imagine the risk cyclists run!

road safety advertising

Bicycle safety is becoming a major issue, and even a public health issue!

So yes, havebicycle safety accessories is necessary to limit the damage. But that is not everything.

A few practical tips can help you feel more secure and avoid disappointments.

In the saddle, we explain everything to you!

In this article we will see:

What safety accessories are required on a bicycle?

Is it compulsory to have a helmet when cycling?

We hear everything and its opposite about wearing a helmet when cycling. However, the legislation is very clear on the subject.

For a child under the age of 12, wearing a helmet on a bicycle is compulsory, whether they are a driver or a passenger! Obviously, the helmet must be attached and approved (“CE” marking).

children's bicycle helmet required

For people over 12 years old, helmet is not obligatory, but remains strongly recommended.

Failure to respect the obligation to wear a helmet for a child under 12 years old is punishable by a fixed fine of €135.

The 3 other mandatory pieces of equipment for cyclists

  • The reflective vest

Outside built-up areas only, when visibility is insufficient (often at night or during poor weather conditions), the user of a bicycle (driver as a passenger) must be equipped with a high visibility luminous vest or reflective vest!< /p>

  • The 6 mandatory lights on a bike

    red rear reflector

    A reflector is a light-reflecting system used to signal the bicycle to other road users.

    2) orange reflectors visible from the side

    , or tires fitted with retro-reflective devices

    3) A white reflector visible from the front

    4) Orange-colored reflectors on the pedals

    These 4 reflectors aregenerally sold by default with the bike. It has become a market standard for several years.

    On the other hand, be wary if you buy a used bike. Make sure that these 4 elements are still on the bike and/or are not damaged.

    In addition, at night or in low light (under a tunnel for example), the bike must be equipped with 2 lights:

    5) 1 front light emitting yellow or white light not dazzling

    6)1 red rear light, which must be perfectly visible while using the bike

    bike light

    In the event of absence or defective lighting, you will be asked to pay a fixed fine of €11.

    • A buzzer (bell)

    Each bicycle must be equipped with a horn. This bell can alert pedestrians in the event of an emergency.

    A bicycle is silent by nature and the high-pitched sound of a bell can be very useful to warn of its arrival or to encourage pedestrians to clear cycle paths !

    To be approved, the sound of the bell must be heard at least 50 meters away.

    In the event of absence, you will be asked to pay a fixed fine of €11.

    What are the rules for a cyclist to respect on the road?

    alcohol is not cool

    Unfortunately still a preconceived idea.It is forbidden to listen to music on your bike with headphones, earbuds or headphones!

    Enjoy the scenery, the birdsong and pay attention to sounds that could alert you to danger.

    Your ears are like your eyes: your best allies for enhanced security.

    Riding on the sidewalk

    It's allowed...but on foot! You can ride your bike on the sidewalk, only if you are walking next to it.

    Some exceptions exist, however. for children under 8 years old or if floor markings allow it.

    An exception for bicycles: the M12 sign

    You have probably already seen this sign under many traffic lights.

    This is the give way for cyclists. Even if the light is red, it allows cyclists to pass in the direction of the arrow, giving priority to pedestrians.

    m12 panel for bicycles

    What bicycle accessories and equipment to improve your safety?

    Apart from the obligatory reflective and luminous accessories, there are other solutions to complete your cycling safety equipment.

    We present below some safety accessories that we think are interesting to use for cycling safely.

    Bike indicators

    We are not objective because this is the product we sell on our store.

    Nevertheless, we are convinced of the safety that bicycle turn signals.

    Under the saddle, on the helmet, at the front and/or at the rear, you indicate, using a remote control, the direction in which you are going to turn.

    No more raising your arm to signal a change of direction.

    change direction with arm raised

    Both hands kept on the handlebars for better stability and a signal visible from more than 100 meters for road users behind you!


    A rear-view mirror

    Fixed to the handlebars, the rear-view mirror is the ideal complementary accessory to the indicator. No need to turn your head 180 degrees to see what's going on behind your back.

    Why are motorists taught to indicate a change of direction with a turn signal, then to check rear visibility with a rear-view mirror before turning? For greater security!

    The cyclist also has the right to equip himself with this accessory to control what is happening behind him.

    bicycle mirror

    Hands on the handlebars thanks to the indicator, and eyes fixed on the road thanks to the rear-view mirror. This is an essential safety kit for your bike!

    The danger spreader

    No, it's not the title of a horror film.

    It is an interesting accessory which allows you to establish a safe distance from other users of the road.

    This spacer encourages motorists to respect distances when overtaking you, particularly in built-up areas when traffic is heavy and the lanes are narrow.

    bicycle danger spacer

    2 reflectors (front and rear) complete this spacer for better visibility at night.

    Light bracelet or visibility armband

    Clack and clack! In 2 seconds, you have put your reflective armbands on your wrists, biceps and/or ankles.

    We're quite a fan of the model that you can find at Decathlon (we don't have any shares with them!)

    decathlon visibility armband

    We are also developing a flashing bracelet which should see the current day of the year.

    Other safety elements to check before getting on your bike


    a) Check your tire pressure

    Poorly inflated tires can cause punctures and therefore accidents.

    Before going for a bike ride or to work, inject gas into the inner tube, it's good for your bike and harmless for the planet.

    b) Check the wear of your tires

    Smooth tires and it's guaranteed sliding. In rainy weather, it's a disaster, your tires become ice skates!

    Make sure the pattern on the tire is not smooth.

    A good way is to compare the track the wear of the front tire with the rear, in general the rear tire is more worn than the front tire (due to more frequent braking).

    worn bicycle tires

    If the difference is significant, it's time to change tires!

    Tighten the handlebar tube and saddle

    This is basic advice, but too many accidents are still linked to loose handlebars and poorly secured saddles.

    In general, a simple turn of an Allen key is enough for the handlebars.

    Depending on the saddle clip, tighten until it does not move when you try to turn it with your hands.

    Change your brake pads regularly

    As with tires, your brakes are your best defense against an accident.

    There is no compulsory technical inspection for bicycles, it is up to you to be vigilant in changing them when they are too worn.

    Like tires, a smooth pad is one that is no longer effective for braking.

    bike brake pad wear

    If you go beyond the wear indicator, it is no longer rubber but metal which will rub on the rim. This is an urgent signal that they need to be changed!

    Conclusion on bicycle safety

    All the elements and tips taught in this article should help you feel safer on your bike.

    When mountain biking, city bike or electric bike, your eyes and ears are your two greatest allies for your safety.

    Safety accessories can save your life but they will be of no use without extreme vigilance.

    On the road, we are all responsible but also a little more fragile.

    Have a good trip and good pedaling!

    good road


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