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Xoony ™ Bicycle Horn with Turn Signals - € 29.99

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🎺 Powerful bicycle horn with integrated turn signals

No need to lift your arm anymore to indicate a change of direction. With a thumbs-up you indicate your direction and are visible up to 100 meters.
In addition, signal your presence to other road users and pedestrians thanks to to the Bike in Light Xoony ™ bicycle horn .

    Other road users can anticipate your lane changes and hear you from afarfor your safety !

    klaxon pour vélo

    Turn signals with integrated horn to maximize your safety

    💡 Visible and heard 100 meters day and night

    Equipped with 30 LEDs with a brightness of 100 lumens , you are as well seen as any other motorized vehicle!

    Flashing 3 in 1, you are visible, predictable and heard on the road!

    powerful led flashing

    Be finally seen and heard on the road

    🖲️ Wireless remote control on the handlebars

    Our manual remote control sans fil installs on the handlebars in a few seconds .

    With a flick of your thumb you activate the desired mode, no more need to let go of the handlebars < span data-mce-fragment = "1"> to indicate a change of direction!

    wireless remote control

    Discreet command to control everything from the handlebars

    👍 Easy to install

    Its flexible quick coupler will allow you to install in less than 30 seconds the turn signal system on your seat post and remote control attached to the handlebars!

    Our wireless indicators adapt to all types of saddles .

    fixing on the handlebars

    System installed in 45 seconds flat

    🔋 Rechargeable by USB

    Recharge your system via USB! Simple and fast, from your computer.All cables are provided , no batteries required.

    USB flashing charging

    Recharge in 2 hours with charging indicator

    💦 Water resistant

    Ride even in rainy weather without stress! Our system is water resistant (waterproof) thanks to the IPX5 certification.


    PStrong and waterproof protection/em>

    🚴‍♂️ Extremely easy to use

    Only 4 buttons for easy handling and to minimize reaction times.

    Horn, flash, turn!

    use bicycle rear light

    44 different lighting modes + 1 horn/em>

    Technical characteristics :

    • Battery Optical unit 2200mAh

    • Charging time: 2 hours (with charge indicator)

    • Control unit: CR2032 battery for approximately 200 days of autonomy

    • Use time: 4 to 5 hours continuously

    • Résistant à l'eau : certification IP5x

    • LED lighting system visible up to 100 meters

    Included in the box:

    • 1 LED optical unit (= the flashing light)

    • 1 wireless control unit

    • 1 LED light unit attachment

    • 1 wireless control box attachment

    • 1 micro USB charging cable

    Complete kit included in the box

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