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Bicycle turn signal - Which bicycle turn signal should you choose?

The best indicators for bicycles and cyclists in 2023
Velorution is underway!

We see it in our cities and in our countryside, there are more and more bicycles. This mode of transport is becoming more popular, uses are changing, urban and less urban people are increasingly traveling by bike to go to work (#vélotaf), drop off children at school, replace the car on short journeys, etc.

That's so much the better, it's good for health, morale and the planet.

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Summary table of bicycle indicators

Safety is a major issue and it is important when using a bicycle to ensure that all safety conditions are met, particularly visibility: the cyclist and his bicycle must be seen by all road users!

Bicycle indicators are one of the useful, even essential elements for riding with complete peace of mind.

At Bike in Light, we are committed to putting bikes back in the light, especially when changing direction.

The flashing models that we offer in this list are partly available in our store but we wanted to be as comprehensive as possible by also offering other flashing lights that we believe are suitable for bicycle safety.

You will therefore find in this selection bike indicators from Bike in Light but also indicators available from Décathlon, Amazon or Natures & Découverte.

There are a multitude of indicators for bicycles and cyclists, from the gadget to the essential, we have only kept the cream of the crop to make your bike shine.

Here is our opinion on the 6 best flashing models available on the market to help you make your choice!

#1. Tilty wireless flasher: The number 1 seller

How can we not talk about the best-selling indicator in 2021. It is popular with cyclists thanks to a flexible and quick attachment system that adapts to all supports: saddle, helmet, luggage rack. Its wireless remote control is discreet and attaches to the handlebars in just a few seconds.

The indicator has more than 25 LEDs, it is visible from more than 100 meters. A taillight mode is also available.

Rechargeable by USB cable in 2 hours, it has a battery life of more than 5 hours in continuous use. It is water resistant.

You can buy it with your eyes closed (only if you are not on your bike 😉).

He even had his moment of glory on France Bleu at the start of 2021.

The +
👍 Number 1 in sales in 2020
👍 Super visibility up to 100 meters
👍 Multi-support
👍 Discreet and elegant design
👍 Possibility of pairing 2 indicators to the same remote control

👎 Remote control LEDs barely visible during the day
👎 No signal to know if it is discharged


To see the full description >> Tilty wireless turn signal from Bike in Light
Price: €21.99
Customer rating: 4.7/5

#2. Beamy flashing sound: Best value for money

Inspired by the Tilty™ wireless bicycle turn signal, the Beamy turn signal has integrated new features that make it even more efficient:

32 high brightness LEDs to make it even more visible,
Activation signal on the remote control visible in broad daylight,
Audible signal letting you know if the indicator is working at the rear of the bike,
Vertically adjustable for a better angle on the support: saddle, helmet, luggage rack.

The +
👍 Audible signal when the indicator is triggered
👍 5 lighting modes
👍 Adjustable horizontally and vertically
👍 Its price below 20€

👎 No mode to turn off the sound on the turn signals


To see the full description >> Beamy sound indicator from Bike in Light
Price: €20.99
Customer rating: 4.8/5


#3. Flashing with Xoony Horn: To be seen AND heard

New for 2021, this wireless indicator has the particularity of emitting an audible signal when the indicators are activated. Like its big brother the Tilty flashing light, the brightness is powerful (100 Lumens) day and night with its 30 LEDs.

The sound emitted by the turn signals is a very good indicator of when the lights are discharged.

The remote control also allows you to activate a horn with a power of 80 decibels, enough to be heard by other bicycles, pedestrians and motorcycles!

It adapts perfectly to all types of saddle.

Rechargeable by USB cable in 2 hours, it has a battery life of more than 5 hours in continuous use. It is water resistant.

The +
👍 Audible signal on turn signals
👍 Horn 80 decibels
👍 Brightness 100 Lumens

👎 No mode to turn off the sound on the turn signals
👎 Few customer reviews (new product)


To see the full description >> Xoony turn signal with horn from Bike in Ligh

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