changement de direction avec le bras levé

Stop with raised arm before turning

More than half of bicycle accidents are linked to changes in trajectory: hand dropped when turning, doubling to the right...unfortunately the list is long!

Based on this observation in 2017, we decided to create Bike in Light to put bikes back in the light especially when changing direction.

Thanks to our bright wireless turn signals, vehicles behind are warned before and during your turns!

A powerful signal visible up to 100 meters, day and night and hands kept on the handlebars for greater safety!

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clignotant vélo sans fil - route

Why equip yourself with bicycle indicators?

En ville, même si vous levez le bras pour changer de direction, certains véhicules motorisés (voitures, motos, scooters) vous coupent la route ou ne vous laissent pas la priorité.

 La nuit votre bras est invisible !

I make myself visible

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