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Bike in Light

Hoé ™ Automatic Bike Flashing Bracelet

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🥇 The unique bracelet automatic flashing for cyclists

The automatic flashing bracelet Hoé ™ is the only bracelet on the market that flashes automatically when the cyclist extends his arm.

After a first successful fundraiser to manufacture the V1 of the bracelet in 2017, the Bike in team Light is developing an improved version of the indicator which should see the light of day in 2021!

We have taken into account user feedback to create a new bracelet more innovative, more powerful and smarter!

clignotant automatique hoé en 2017

2017 version of the automatic indicator for cyclists

💡 A future simple, intuitive and automatic flashing bracelet

The bracelet will flash automatically as soon as the cyclist extends his arm thanks to the integration a motion detection system!

A quick and simplified attachment system is also developed to allow cyclists to put on their bracelets in seconds.

Its brightness will also be enhanced to be visible day and night at over 100 meters!