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Bike in Light

Flashing Helmy™ Bike Helmet - €25.99

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Technical characteristics

- Battery Optical unit 500mAh

- Charging time: 2 hours (with charge indicator)

- Control box: CR2032 battery approximately 200 days of autonomy

- Usage time: 4 to 5 hours continuously

- Water resistant: IP2x certification

- LED light system visible up to 100 meters

Included in the box

- 1 LED optical unit (= the indicator)

- 1 wireless control box

- 1 LED optical unit clip

- 1 clip wireless control box

- 1 micro USB charging cable

Video of installation and use of the flasher

Attach the indicator to your helmet  using a strong and flexible hook and loop.

Buy 2 indicators to receive the Saddle+Helmet kit to flash at the front and rear!

bike in town

At night your arm is invisible

A sharp increase in bicycle use

But facilities for cycling are still few in number .

Over the past two years, the use of bicycles has almost doubled among French people, but cohabitation with other road users remains difficult .

Cars don't see you properly and every turn can end in a pileup .

Fortunately, our Helmy ™ flasher  will now give clear directions to vehicles around you.

Helmet, bag, scooter, it fits everywhere

A flashing light directly on your helmet

In order to put you back on an equal footing with motorists, equipping yourself with indicators identical to those of a car seemed to us to be the best solution .

Thanks to 26 powerful LEDs, your visibility will be ensured in the same way as any other vehicle.

Quick and solid velcro system
With a very simple installation designed especially for this purpose, the Helmy  flasher will equip any helmet in an instant.

A remote control on the handlebars will allow you to indicate in a fraction of seconds which direction you are going to take to all road users in order to avoid any accident.

Now ride safely, by bike or scooter.
light code

5 powerful lighting modes to activate with the remote control


  • A light code identical to those of motorized vehicles
  • Attaches directly to helmet (or under saddle)
  • Wireless handlebar remote control with indicator lights
  • Fast USB charging and long-lasting use
  • Waterproof : Ride even in rainy weather 

USB charging

Quickly connect with the included adapter

Bike In Light, the first store in France specializing in bicycle safety

  • More than 2500 satisfied customers 
  • An overall rating of 4.7/5 
  • Several thousand cyclists safe for 2 years   

  • What is the battery life of the indicator and the remote control?

    Le clignotant a une autonomie de 4-5 heures en utilisation continue (36 heures en veille).

  • Is it possible to control 2 indicators with the same remote control?

    Yes, you can pair 2 indicators to the same remote control.

  • How to contact us ?

    Directly by email to or via our contact form

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