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Bike in Light

Splity - Bike flashing kit

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Technical characteristics

- Battery Optical unit 500mAh

- Charging time: 2 hours (with charge indicator)

- Control box: CR2032 battery approximately 200 days of autonomy

- Usage time: 4 to 5 hours continuously

- Water resistant: IP2x certification

- LED light system visible up to 100 meters

Included in the box

- 1 LED optical unit (= the indicator)

- 1 wireless control box

- 1 LED optical unit clip

- 1 clip wireless control box

- 1 micro USB charging cable

Splity - Bike flashing kit

Ride safely at night with this bike turn signal kito

Video of using flashers

At night, your arm is invisible

Raising your arm is not enough

More than half bicycle accidents are linked to trajectory conflicts /strong>.
(according to IFSTTAR)
Difficult to always be well seen by motorists, especially in city  where traffic is dense.

Be seen from over 100 meters away

The Splity bicycle flashing kit is designed to improve your visibility on the road.
With its powerful LED lighting, warn other road users of your change of direction. The light emitted is powerful, ensuring you are seen by motorists and pedestrians.

Easy installation

No complicated tools are needed to install the Splity flashing kit. It's designed for quick, simple and effortless setup, getting you out and about in no time.

Advanced technology

Splity incorporates the latest technology in bicycle lighting. Easy to install and use, it offers several lighting modes to adapt to different road and weather conditions. Its long-lasting battery ensures you stay lit throughout your journey.

Flexibility and comfort

This kit is not only functional but also extremely reliable and easy to use. It can be attached to different locations on your bike for maximum customization. Light and compact, it will not interfere with your driving. The indicators are activated using a wireless remote control attached to the handlebar. 

  • What is the battery life of the indicator and the remote control?

    Le clignotant a une autonomie de 4-5 heures en utilisation continue (36 heures en veille).

  • Is it possible to control 2 indicators with the same remote control?

    Yes, you can pair 2 indicators to the same remote control.

  • How to contact us ?

    Directly by email to or via our contact form

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